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Is located in”Valle del Tietar” on the southern slope of “La Sierra de Gredos”.  The area is called “Piedra del Caballo” 2 Km. from Piedralaves and 2.5 Km from La Adrada. It is situated in an extensive forest of pine trees, oaks and holms.  The surface is 30,000 square meters completely surrounded by a fence.


In CanadianCamp You will never be bored because you´ll enjoy all that you want:
Archery lessons - Fencing lessons - Golf lessons - Hockey lessons - Swimming Lessons - Badminton lessons- Mountainbike lessons - Judo lessons - Diving lessons - Volleyball lessons -  Outdoor activities - Diploma and medal -  A full day excursion up the mountain - Last day party - Dance - Basketball - Waterpolo - and more...


English Class

English or Spanish classes.

3 hours daily
Monday to Friday
Classes are held in the open air by teachers belonging to the Canadian Camp staff.


are approximately 12 students per class.
Students are grouped according to level and age from beginners to bilingual.


We are aware that the best program does not function without the hard work of authentic language professionals who have experience teaching children nor does it work without a good team of monitors.

Everything we know and have learnt throughout all these years now constitutes the basis of who we are, CanadianCamp.



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